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Grayrock capitalizes on its partners' meaningful, long-term relationships with senior Japanese and U.S. executives to identify, communicate, manage and close complex cross-border transactions in which both the Japanese seller/buyer and the U.S. buyer/seller achieve their respective goals.  
This entails:

Analyzing Japanese and U.S. parent companies and their subsidiaries
      to identify potential transactions that have the appropriate financial and
      strategic characteristics.
Identifying U.S. and Japanese based sources of acquisition capital.
Minimizing the complications caused by distance, language and cultural differences.
Setting reasonable expectations for all parties given these complications.
Structuring the transactions to provide benefit to all parties.
Leveraging internal investment banking experience to execute structured transactions.
Partnering, as appropriate, with advisors, bankers and senior managers both in Japan
      and the U.S.

Grayrock focuses on investment and divestment opportunities displaying some combination of the following

Potential transaction values in the U.S. $30-500 million range.
Japanese parents predisposed to re-deploying capital from the U.S. to other markets and/or investments.
U.S. and/or Japanese companies/subsidiaries with strong cash flow generation and going-concern value in line
      with the objectives of U.S. and/or Japanese strategic or financial investors.
Japanese subsidiaries or divisions that correspond with a redirection of the Japanese parent and meet the strategic
      desires of U.S. investors.
Experienced management capable of maintaining or increasing market share and margins.