Many Japanese corporations have made significant investments in U.S. based operating companies and real assets in the past thirty years.

During the past decade, secular trends have evolved that, in many cases, compel these companies to re-evaluate their corporate strategy, focus on core competencies and redeploy resources into developing markets. In addition, many Japanese corporations continue to look for attractive investment opportunities in the U.S.   Finally, as U.S. multinationals expand, there is a growing interest in making investments in Japan and Asia.

Japanese enterprises are showing renewed interest in restructuring their balance sheets and/or re-allocating resources to developing or new markets through the sale of non-core U.S. subsidiaries and/or subsidiaries in Japan and Asia. As a result, U.S. based management teams, strategic investors and private equity funds may have the opportunity to purchase U.S. or foreign based enterprises with a desirable mix of growth potential and operating cash flows. As well, many Japanese companies are expanding through the acquisition of assets in the U.S. However, differences between the U.S. deal environment and Japanese corporate culture often make it difficult to successfully conclude potential transactions.