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Grayrock Partners, L.L.C. is a San Francisco based, specialized investment banking and advisory firm, which combines long term relationships both within Japanese corporate circles and among U.S. investor groups including strategic investors and private equity funds to identify, evaluate and close complex cross-border transactions involving U.S. and Japanese corporations.
Grayrock capitalizes on its partners' meaningful, long-term relationships with senior Japanese and U.S. executives.
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During the past decade, secular trends have evolved that in many cases compel some Japanese companies to re-evaluate their corporate strategy.
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Grayrock's principals advise executive management and company boards on the relative merit of differing strategies and anticipated stakeholder outcomes.
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Grayrock principals include experienced executives who combine very close, senior level relationships within Japanese corporate and U.S. private equity circles with significant corporate finance expertise.
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We appreciate your interest in our services. All comments and inquieries will be responded by our staff shortly.
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